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La Famiglia


Barone Cesare Ambrogino di Salvazzi is a wealthy 16th century Venetian merchant citizen and patriarch of the family

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Baronessa Laura Battista is a 16th century Venitian lady, the wife of a wealthy merchant citizen, Cesare Ambrogino di Salvazzi.

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Lord Grimaldi Guillietta​ is a 16th century Venitian Veteran and Bard, the brother of Cesare Ambrogino di Salvazzi

Lord Konrad Jaegerson is a 16th century German Merchant / Apothecary whom fell in love with Venice


Giuliette Mercadante is a late period antiquarian. They are the godchild of Laura and Cesare.

Their partner, Fortunato

Mercadante, is a tinker and maker of many things.

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